Friary Drinks Espresso Martini 250ml

  • ABV: 22% vol
  • Ready Made

Friary's Espresso Martini is smooth and velvety. Ideally served chilled straight from the bottle into your favourite martini glass. Friary's Espresso Martini is made by using only natural ingredients and is produced using traditional methods of liqueur making. This coffee liqueur infusion is then mixed with vodka to create a wonderfully beautiful drink, which is best served chilled over ice or used to create cocktails.

Cocktail suggestions:

Super charged Espresso Martini

Pour 50ml of Friary's Espresso Martini into a cocktail shaker, add 25ml of Kahlua, a shot of espresso and add ice cubes. Shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds. Pour into a martini glass while straining out the ice. Leave for 1 minute for the cocktail to settle. Garnish with coffee beans. Sip and smile.

A Russian Coffee

Add a large ice cube to a tumbler pour a 50ml shot of Friary's Espresso Martini with 50ml of vodka.


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