BIB Pineapple 4% Lilley's 5L

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BIB Pineapple 4% Lilley's 5LUsing our legendary skills in blending fruit with our fantastic cider we have come up with this pineapple delight. in this fruity fusion pineapple juice is paired with our crisp somerset cider creating this exciting fresh flavour.

Fruit Type: Apple, Pineapple

Drink Style: Fruity, Sweet Still Cider

Country: Somerset, England

ABV: 4%

Contains sulphites for freshness & sweetener.
Suitable for vegans & coeliacs.

Customer reviews
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Tastes just like fresh pineapple.
Chris G.
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The wife loves this product.
Christian R.
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Tastes like alcoholic Lilt, I love it and I'm not a huge cider drinker. Great value for the boxes.
Holly E.
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Delicious and highly refreshing. I'll be ordering a 10ltr box next time.
Tudor G.