Mr Whitehead's

Mr Whitehead is Angus Whitehead, who began experimenting with fruits grown in his garden from the tender age of fifteen. The hobby grew for a few more years until it was time to think seriously about the future. Producing on a wider scale since Autumn 2003, almost all the apples and pears used are grown on the south-east facing Hampshire Downs of the neighbouring Blackmoor Farm Estate in Selborne, one of the most respected growers in the south of England. The amount of varieties grown has allowed Angus to create some new and interesting blends, whilst using old and traditional methods to make special cider throughout the strength range.
BIB Devil's Device 8.4% MW 20L
Devil's Device 20L Box
BIB Equinox 4.5% MW 20L
Equinox 20L Box
BIB Toffee Apple 4% MW 20L
Toffee Apple Cider 20L Box