Gwynt Cloudy Scrumpy 12 x 500ml Bottled

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Gwynt Cloudy Scrumpy 12 x 500ml Bottled

Have you ever heard someone talk about old fashioned cloudy scrumpy? One taste of Gwynt's and all will be revealed. Gwynt's Cloudy Scrumpy is a medium dry cider with a fresh apple aroma. Serve chilled and enjoy. Contains sulphites.

Fruit Type: Apple

Drink Style: Medium/Dry, Fresh Cloudy Scrumpy

Country: Llantwit Fardre, Wales

ABV: 5.3%

12 x 500ml Bottles
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I wasn't really a fan of still cider until i tried gwynt cloudy scrumpy it's absolutely delicious when served properly chilled . I will definitely be buying more in the future .