BIB Legbender Dry 6% Rich's 20L

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BIB Legbender Dry 6% Rich's 20LRich's Legbender Cider's are traditionally produced with a blend of cider apples grown in Somerset. Itís a full flavoured crisp, clear still cider, making it easy to drink, But beware can make you go weak at the knees!

Fruit Type: Apple

Drink Style: Crisp, Dry Cider

Country: Somerset, England

: 6%

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Customer reviews
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Great cider, lovely taste.
David p.
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Have been sampling Rich's for more years than I care to recall but it never disappoints. A true old fashioned cider.
Russell c.
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Refreshingly dry cider without making your tongue turn inside out. Great on a Summers eve or day whilst camping with a group of friends.
Michelle W.