BIB Badger's Spit 7.5% Chant Cider 20L

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BIB Badger's Spit 7.5% Chant Cider 20LChant's Badger's Spit is a hazy gold, well-balanced dry cider with a tart finish. Dry & fruity made with a variety of apples. May contain sediment.

Fruit Type: Apple

Drink Style: Still Dry, Fruity Cider

Country: Somerset, England

ABV: 7.5%

20L Bag in Box
Customer reviews
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Interesting dry cider. Only two pints in so a bit early to give a proper review.
Peter C.
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Beautiful, dry, flat, strong, clean, refreshing cider. Highly recommend if you like flat dry ciders.
Edward B.