Frome Brewing Company Sunny Y Can Cases

    Sunny Y, Pale Ale 6x330ml Cans 4.6% ABV

Tasting notes:

Let’s get the basic details sorted out first. Sunny Y is an oat pale ale that has been hopped with the variety American Sultana (which is nothing to do with dried fruit btw) and also had yuzu added into the mix. What do you mean you don’t know what yuzu is? Ok, it’s a citrus fruit from the far east that adds bright sunny notes to this golden-yellow beer. The oats? They give a softness of mouth feel. So when it’s all put together, here’s an enticing beer with a joyous citrus and lemongrass nose, alongside the suggestion of ripe Galia melon. The fruitiness continues on the palate alongside hints of grapefruit and a juiciness that bounces around the palate as it were on a Space Hopper, before finishing dry and bittersweet. Yuzu? You now know what it is.

Hops: American Sultana

Food pairing: The bright citrus and suggestions of lemongrass suggest that a Thai dish such as Kai Med Ma Muang (chicken with cashew nuts) would be an ideal pairing.


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